QDR Destination Run VII: Last 19 Miles of the TCS NYC Marathon!

October 7, 2018 @ 6:30 am – 9:00 am

Link to Strava event.

MEETUP- 6:30AM, McDonalds on Flatbush Avenue between Atlantic Avenue and 4th Avenue.

Team Picture- 6:30AM
Thunder (10 Minute Pace Group and up)- 6:45AM
Chase Pack (8 Minute-10 Minute Pace)- 6:55AM
Rabbits- (7:30 Pace and Down)- 7:05AM

Are you running the NYC Marathon, this is a MUST! Bring your friends for what will be an incredible experience as we run through 19 Miles, turn for turn, of the New York City Marathon!

**This event is all hands on deck! Since all of the QDR Founders and Admins will be in Chicago, we will need plenty of bikers and folks coordinating and assisting with this run.

**This run takes the place of BOTH the “Last 13.1” and Fall Marathon Tune-Up due to the absence of the Founders and Race Team in Chicago.

RSVP for this event that will be sure to be a lot of fun, and get your mind, body and spirit in tune with the TCS NYC Marathon.

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