QDR Wednesday Morning Track Session: Juniper Park Track

February 13, 2019 @ 6:30 am – 7:30 am

Link to Strava

Meetup- 6:30AM (Use this time to get in at least 6 Loops, with light strides- then begin the Dynamic Warmup Routine)
Workout Starts- 6:50AM

This workout is beneficial to anyone aiming towards a short or long distance goal race.

3 Sets of 3×400 Meters (Add up total time for 3 Miles following the workout)- 200 Meters in between reps, and 1 Loop in between sets.
1st Set- Aim for a Pace between Goal 5K and Mile Pace, considerably closer to 5K Pace. (If your goal 5K Pace is 6:20 Pace, then you should come through around 1:35 for these 400s, no surges of any kind)
2nd Set- 1st 200 Meters at same pace as 1st set, once you cross the 200, kick it into gear near your Mile Pace. The final time will be several seconds quicker than the 1st set.
Last Set- Sustained effort in attempting to hit the time from the 2nd set without a kick, at least for the 1st two. If you are up for it, you can attempt an all out effort for the last one.

See you on Wednesday! Please don’t forget to bring layers for before and after the workout.

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