QDR Wednesday PM Track Session: Queensborough Community College

June 12, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

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The Road to the Queens 10K continues with our Wednesday Evening Track Meetups at Queensborough Community College!

Note*- Kevin will be airborne, returning from Denver. In his absence, Mario Silva will keep track of RSVPs, Nancy will ensure that the Drills start on time, and you are encouraged to break into groups once the workout starts as we did before.

Meetup- 6:15PM Bleachers @ Queensborough Community College
Drills and Warm-Up- 6:30PM

The Workout- 8×400 Meters @10K down to 5K Pace with 400 Meters Recovery, 4×200 @ Close to Mile Pace Effort with 200 Meters Recovery

Observing splits from the previous workout, we generally were very successful in breaking down the 12×200 Meter workout. Starting close to Half Marathon/10K pace and finishing closer to Mile Pace requires patience.

400 Meters at close to 10K Race Pace should be very manageable. You will be able to hold it comfortable (as long as you don’t sprint or go out too hard). Make sure to jog during the full loop recovery, not run through it. Kick it up a gear when you start the 200 Meter Repeats and that’s all folks!

Invite anyone and everyone to join QDR at QCC on May 29th!

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