Connect with us on Strava! We cross-post our training runs from both the queensdistance and queensmarathon accounts, as well as socially distanced group runs.

Weekday QDR Schedule

Since last year, we’ve held socially distanced training and group runs. Early on, we kept the size of the group to no more than 10. If more than 10 athletes showed up to an event, we broke off into smaller groups and staggered the start of the run for each group.

As restrictions on group sizes start to be lifted in 2021, we will still follow all the recommendations from the City to hold safe group events.

The following schedule is subject to change.

Mondays – 6:30pm , Jackson Heights Community Group Run with Samantha Chau

Meetup: 80-02 Northern Boulevard, The Queensboro

Mondays – 6:30pm, Woodhaven Community Group Run with Mike Bocchinfuso

Meetup: 87-48 78th Street, Neirs Tavern

Wednesday – 6:30pm, Herricks High School Track workouts with Nancy

Thursday- 6:30pm, Flushing Community Group Run with Linda

Meetup: 32-02 Francis Lewis Blvd, Starbucks

Friday- 6:30pm, Forest Hills Community Group Run: “Kessel Run” with Mike and Ann-Marie meet at Shake Shack on Austin St

* Updates to Weekly Runs – In the event that a QDR Run Leader cannot make it to a Group Run, or if a run is postponed to the following week, it will be posted in the Facebook Discussion Group as well as in the Strava event.

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