2019 TCS NYC Marathon Bus Shuttle


Shuttle Seat Pricing
February 21st/March 31st- $20.19
April 1st/June 15th- $26.20
June 16th/August 31st- $32.50
September 1st-All Seats Taken- $40
Seats are first pay, first serve.

For the 7th consecutive year, we are opening our QDR TCS NYC Marathon Shuttle to anyone that is interested in getting more rest while getting picked up in a neighborhood close to you. Each year, we expand our operation, usually adding an extra bus and/or extra stops in Queens and yet, we manage to arrive at Fort Wadsworth smoother than previous years. We take great pride in transporting runners in Queens over to the greatest marathon in the world. Our operation is in service to the Queens Running Community and is open to anyone participating in the 2019 TCS NYC Marathon.
**Please Note– There are no refunds. Once you register you have confirmed your seat and we expect to see you on November 3rd. This is a tight operation and we over-communicate through several newsletters so we ultimately all meet at the stops and ensure early arrival at Fort Wadsworth.
Thank you for getting us to Year 7!

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QDR NYC Marathon Bus Shuttle 2019

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