Rob MacKay– Rob is the Director of Public Relations for the Queens Economic Development Corporation and heads the Queens Tourism Council. Rob has been a supporter and partner of Queens Distance since our inception races back in 2013. Rob facilitates large scale meetings every month with members of the Queens Tourism Council and is passionate about showcasing Queens for the world to enjoy! We are quite lucky to have Rob on board!

Catherine Chua– A Queens Distance Runners “Original 13′ Member” that has closely worked with the QDR Founding Team, providing key feedback and always looking out for the good of the team. Before the times of showing up to NYRR races 40 QDR deep, there were the early 2014 races, with Catherine representing 100% of the Queens Distance contingent. Considered to be the 4th member of “The QDR Core Four”, Catherine’s input and contributions to the QDR BOARD will be welcomed and appreciated!

Wendy B Phaff– Wendy, simply put, is an extraordinaire with the Queens Centers for Progress! I’ve personally had the pleasure to know Wendy for over two years, and from the first time I met her, I knew that I would be learning a lot from Wendy on the arts of event planning and fundraising! Like Catherine, Wendy has also offered her resources and suggestions for the betterment of our team- leading Sunday runs and inspiring runners to run for a cause, we’re blessed to have Wendy on the board!