Volunteer for upcoming QDR races!

QDR Volunteer

    1st Shift Volunteers will be tasked, most importantly, with showing up early to be part of Race Setup. Equipment such as cones, delineators, signs and more will have to be set-up before 6:30AM. Once setup, volunteers will be asked to marshal the course, ensuring that all runners on their merry way. *We understand this is early! Thank you so much in advance! You are invited to watch the race festivities following your shift!
    Following the tremendous work of the Earlier Volunteers, the races will Start, and reinforcements will be needed to ensure the event continues until completion smoothly! As it will be later in the morning, 2nd Shift Volunteers will have to be mindful that the park will be more crowded. At approximately 10:00AM, general breakdown of the course will start, and you will be asked to collect race equipment and possible garbage (such as cups, GU packets) that were tossed to the side.
    Everyone will be in the Holiday and Star Wars Spirit! Volunteers will be tasked with Race Setup, Bundling Toys for the Queens Centers for Progress, Marshaling the course, preparing it for the Kids of Queens once the 5 Miler is complete, and taking part in the festivities following your shift!



Location: Main Street and Dahlia Avenue

Registration Link (You Must Register In Order to Volunteer!): http://nycruns.volunteerlocal.com/volunteer/?id=22965 

Password: QDRWater 

The newest Big Race coming to NYC goes right through our streets! About a 10 minute walk from the Flushing-Main Street stop, Queens Distance will be right there to support all the runners coming through Main Street! Join us!